Artist Profile

Inspired by the natural world, especially that which is generally unnoticed or disregarded by others, Roses work focuses predominantly on the fragility of life and representations of freedom. Her delicate, yet expressive paintings of insects, birds and anatomy, aim to provoke in an understated way; producing pieces that are empathetic, fresh and intriguing.

Starting artist life in Bristol and now based on the rugged Welsh coast, Rose has exhibited in a number of Cities within the UK, and others further afield including Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore. Originally an illustrator, completing her BA(hons) in 2003, she is now a recognised artist within the fine art world.

After spending two years exploring new projects in America, including a residency in Colorado and another in BC, Canada, then giving birth to her first child, Rose aims to produce a fresh body of work in the near future... so watch this space!