Headbones Gallery

Presents An Exhibition by

Rose Sanderson Christian Bernard Singer – Pins & Needles Feather & Fur


With Four Large Scale Paintings by Vernon Artist

David Wilson

Public Opening Reception 6-8pm –Thursday, June 1 –July 15, 2017

The obsessive attention to detail that Mother Nature practices is impressive - trees with thousands of leaves or needles, grasses in abundance, the fine delicacy of a furred coat or the exquisite patterning of plumage. Surrounded by the display, we are apt to lose attention and miss the phenomena.

Headbones Gallery changes the focus first zooming in with the work of Rose Sanderson and Christian Bernard Singer - Pins and Needles, Feather and Fur and then zooming out to David Wilson’s Water with a premier presentation of four large acrylic paintings.

Rose Sanderson was the artist in residence at Headbones Gallery in the spring of 2015. Hailing from Bristol England, she works with brushes so tiny, the hairs seemed to disappear as she strokes on color. Each feather, eyelash and claw has been detailed using a range of North American animals as her subjects.

Christian Bernard Singer lives in Owen Sound Ontario where he is Senior Curator at the Tom Thomson Gallery, one of Canada’s core galleries named after the maverick break-away artist who inspired the formation of the Group of Seven through his transformative portrayal of the natural world. Singer doesn’t paint the forest, however. He uses the forest to build his sculptures, reliefs and installations. He builds with pine needles, the details of conifers.

David Wilson is a member of the Okanagan Nation and the winner of the BC Achievement Awards in Aboriginal Art for 2012. Drawing from pictographs, stories and indigenous imagery influenced by the Mauri, North West Coast or Egyptians, Wilson’s paintings can be seen as contemporary icons.

Headbones Gallery
6700 Old Kamloops Road
Vernon, BC V1H 1P8
Hours 12-6PM Tuesday-Saturday



MARCH 2016:

Bird Head Paintings find a new home!...

 I am happy to announce that my art works have now been packed up  for London's Natural History Museums Library and Archives collection.  Inspired by the prestigeious venues very own specimens, they will  now live amoungst all the other amazing pieces, joining Art and Science together.




"Rose is one of the most exciting artists to have come out of Bristol in recent years – and the Philadelphia Street gallery will be the perfect blank canvas for her beautiful, sinuous artworks"

(Steve Wright, Venue)





"Art does not reproduce the visible, rather it makes it visible".

(Paul Klee)